Delicious homemade feta cheese

Delicious homemade feta cheese


  1. Milk 4.5 L
  2. Calcium Chloride 0.54 g
  3. Rennet 0.09 g
  • Main Ingredients


1. Milk is heated to a temperature of 35 degrees. In a separate bowl, dilute calcium chloride in 50 ml of water and rennet in 50 ml of water (see how to use enzymes on the package!). Pour the solutions in turn into warmed milk. Mix well. Cover with a lid and leave for 40-70 minutes until a dense clot forms.

2. Clot check for kink. The fracture line should be clean, not curdled. At the edges of the clot should appear serum. In this case, we cut the clot into cubes with a side of 2 cm. Then we mix the mass with a slotted spoon for 10 minutes until a grain of 10 mm in size is formed. Leave the mass for 5 minutes, so that the grain settles, and then remove the excess serum. We catch grain with a slotted spoon and shift it into forms.

3. Leave the cheese in the form of self-pressing for 4-5 hours or all night. During this time, the cheese can be turned over. Despite the fact that the cheese is self-pressed, it is also possible to exert additional pressure on it by placing a load on top. After pressing, the cheese goes to the salting station. You can grate with dry salt in a ratio of 2% by weight of cheese or put in a saline solution with a concentration of 10%. If you plan to store cheese for a long time, make the solution more concentrated - 18-22%.