Juicy Khinkali

Juicy Khinkali



  1. Flour 1 kg
  2. Water 500 ml
  3. Salt 20 g

Minced meat

  1. Beef 500 g
  2. Pork 300 g
  3. Water 300 ml
  4. Salt 16 g
  5. Bell pepper ½ pc
  6. Cilantro 2 beams
  7. Ground black pepper 4 g
  8. Red ground pepper 4 g
  9. Bow 1 pc
  10. 2 cloves of garlic
  • Main ingredients: Beef, Pork, Flour


1. First, prepare the dough. Add salt to the sifted flour, mix. Next, pour water. Knead the dough first in the bowl, then on the countertop. It is not possible to knead the dough until a uniform texture immediately. It is best to put it in a bag for an hour and after 30 minutes try to knead again. It will be much more elastic.

2. To prepare the filling, cut the meat into small pieces. I also cut onion, garlic and bell pepper into pieces. Together with meat, I grind them in a meat grinder through a large grate. Salt, add spices. The indicated amount of hot pepper (4 g) makes the khinkali quite sharp, so keep that in mind. I cut a cilantro with a knife. Also add to the stuffing. Then the minced meat is cooled in the refrigerator and add salted ice water to it. So you can not be afraid that the water will bounce.

3. I begin to sculpt khinkali. I tear off pieces weighing 30 g from the dough and form balls. I roll the round, in the center I spread the minced meat and begin to collect the edges into a crease. Well pressed at the base of the tail. I cut off part of the tail with scissors. This is more accurate than tearing it off with your hands. I cook khinkali for 13 minutes.