Strawberry Recipes: Cake without baking with strawberries and bananas

Strawberry Recipes: Cake without baking with strawberries and bananas


The basis

  1. Cookies 200 g
  2. Butter 75 g

Strawberry Banana Layer

  1. Milk 500 ml
  2. Gelatin 20 g
  3. Water 120 ml
  4. Banana 2 pcs
  5. Strawberry 300 g
  6. Sugar 2 tbsp. l

Chocolate layer

  1. Gelatin 5 g
  2. Water 35 ml
  3. Dark chocolate 50 g
  4. Milk 30 ml
  5. Sugar 1 tbsp. l


  1. Strawberry 7 pcs
  2. Whipped cream 30 g
  • Main IngredientsBanana, Strawberry, Milk
  • Serving 8 servings


For the base of the cake, grind the cookies into crumbs in a blender (or an ordinary rolling pin) and mix with melted butter. I used a mold for this amount with a diameter of 18 cm. To make the edges of the cake smoother, I laid out the side of the form with a baking bag. So when removing the cake from the mold, it was damaged. Ready strawberry-banana layer: To dissolve the gelatin, we need warm milk. If you mix 300 ml of hot milk and 200 ml of cold milk, you get the ideal temperature. Or you can just warm up the milk a little in the microwave. The main thing is not to overheat so that the gelatin does not lose its properties. In milk, add gelatin soaked in water in advance and mix well until completely dissolved. I mixed right in the blender. We peel two ripe bananas and add slices to the blender for full grinding. We also add two tablespoons of sugar to the still warm milk so that it also dissolves. We cut the strawberries into beautiful slices. How I did it can be seen in the video. We spread the strawberry slices along the side of our form. Pour half the strawberry-banana mixture. The remaining strawberries (leave a few berries for decoration) are cut into smaller pieces and also poured into a cake mold. Strawberry pops up, and in order for the layer of berries to appear in the middle of the cake, it will have to set in two stages. Let us freeze a little in the refrigerator. In the meantime, leave the milk mixture on the table so that it does not freeze with the cake. After 30 minutes, when half the layer has frozen, pour the second half gently and again send it to the refrigerator. Meanwhile, prepare the chocolate layer. In hot milk, melt the dark chocolate and mix with a spoonful of sugar and pre-soaked gelatin. Gently spread the chocolate icing on the top of the frozen milk layer with a spoon. To make sure that the cake solidifies well and cuts normally, it is better to leave it in the refrigerator for another hour or even three. Decorate the cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Bon Appetit!)