Pasta nests with minced meat in a pan

Pasta nests with minced meat in a pan


  • Main ingredientsMacaroni


Cooking method:

1. Grind 1 onion and add to the minced meat. Salt, pepper and mix thoroughly. Form the cutlets. I formed 11 pieces, since I will cook so many nests from pasta.

2. Grate carrots and tomato on a fine grater. This time I have frozen tomatoes. Dice the onion.

3. Put the pan on the fire, add vegetable oil and fry the onions and carrots until soft.

4. Then add tomato, salt, pepper, Provencal herbs, paprika, stew a little, and pour half of the water.

5. Put the pasta nests on top of the gravy, and top the patties and fill with the remaining water. Stew under the lid for 25 minutes.

The nests with minced meat in the pan are ready! Bon Appetit everyone!