Pancho cake with pineapple and sour cream

Pancho cake with pineapple and sour cream


For shortcakes

  1. Eggs 6 pcs
  2. Flour 200 gr.
  3. Cocoa powder 3 tbsp
  4. Sugar 250 gr.
  5. Dough baking powder 1 tsp

For filling

  1. Canned Pineapples 1 can
  2. Sour cream 20% 500 gr.
  3. Powdered Sugar 150 gr.
  • Main ingredients: Pineapple, Sour cream, Sponge cake
  • Serving 4 servings



We add cocoa powder, baking powder to the flour, mix well.

Beat the eggs in a lush foam, add a little sugar. Beat eggs with sugar until resistant foam.

We combine the egg and flour mixtures by carefully mixing all the flour. We put in a preheated oven to 180 ° for 30-40 minutes. The oven must not be opened for the first 20 minutes. We check the readiness with a wooden skewer. Let the cake cool.

Cut the cake into 3 pieces. The first cake is left. We cut the remaining two into squares of arbitrary size.

Mix sour cream with icing sugar.

We leave a third of sour cream.

Mix the biscuit squares with the bulk of the cream.

The remaining whole cake is soaked in syrup from canned pineapple, put on it slices of pineapple and cream-soaked squares.

Grease the remaining cream on top.

Leave to brew for at least 3 hours.

Decorate with chocolate if desired.

Enjoy your meal!