Beetroot and curd cream pasta

Beetroot and curd cream pasta


  1. Spiral pasta (Fusilli) 200 gr
  2. Beet 1 medium
  3. Cottage cheese or ricotta 150 gr
  4. Sour cream 2 tbsp (if ricotta is used, then sour cream is not needed).
  5. Parmesan 50 gr
  6. Chilli Flakes 0.5 tsp
  7. Zest 0.3 orange
  8. Pistachios 1 handful
  9. Parsley to taste
  10. Butter 2 tbsp
  11. Freshly ground black pepper to taste
  12. Balsamic vinegar 1 tbsp
  • Main ingredients: Beets, Pasta




Add salt and a little orange zest to the curd. Beat with a fork with sour cream. Put in the refrigerator.
Grate beets on a fine grater. Dissolve the butter in a saucepan. Heat until brown. Add grated beets and fry until soft. Add chili flakes, balsamic vinegar, parmesan, mix thoroughly. Cook the pasta according to the instructions on the package and add to the saucepan with beetroot sauce. Mix.
Grind the peeled pistachios with a knife or squeezing between two cutting boards. Lay the pasta on plates. Put a spoonful of curd cream on top, sprinkle with chopped pistachios and chopped parsley.