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Christmas buns with a surprise

Christmas buns with a surprise



  1. spinach 250 g
  2. water 300 ml.
  3. flour 500 g
  4. vegetable oil 3 tbsp
  5. sugar 1 tsp
  6. salt 1 tsp
  7. yeast 6 g.


  1. mozzarella to taste

For filing

  1. cherry tomatoes to taste
  2. greens to taste
  3. butter to taste
  4. parmesan to taste
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 12 Servings


Defrost 400 g frozen spinach, 250 g will remain. Grind with a blender with added water. Squeeze the juice, the total volume should be 300 ml. add water as needed.

To 150 ml. warm juice add yeast and sugar.

K 2 tbsp juice add salt and dissolve it.

Sift the flour into a bowl, in the middle we make a deepening, pour in the yeast, salty juice and vegetable oil, knead the dough until it becomes homogeneous. We send to a warm place for 2 hours, cover with a towel or film.

The dough has increased in volume by 2 times, divide it into 12 identical balls, from each ball slightly form a cake in the center of which you need to put a mozzarella ball, fasten the edges and roll up an even ball.

We grease the baking sheet with butter and put our green balls in the form of a Christmas tree. We send to the oven for 20-25 minutes at 150C. Do not set the temperature higher, otherwise the buns will turn brown.

Grease the baked buns with butter, sprinkle with herbs, garnish with tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. Serve warm so that the cheese inside is melted! Enjoy your meal!)