Delicious chocolate and biscuit cake for the New Year!

Delicious chocolate and biscuit cake for the New Year!


For cake sponge cake:

  1. Chicken egg 5 pcs.
  2. Sugar 230 gr.
  3. Flour 150 gr.
  4. Cocoa powder 30 gr.
  5. Vanilla sugar 1 tsp
  6. Pinch of salt

To prepare the cream:

  1. Cream 300 ml.l.
  2. Condensed milk 250 gr.
  3. Prunes 150 gr.
  4. Walnut 200 gr.
  5. Cognac 30 gr.

Chocolate ganache:

  1. Chocolate 200 gr.
  2. Butter 100 gr.
  • Main Ingredients: Prunes, Nuts, Sponge Cake, Cocoa and Chocolate, Cognac, Sugar
  • Serving 8 servings
  • World Cuisine


Knife, cutting board, bowl, spatula, mixer, shape, spatula, rolling pin, plate, holiday dish


Step-by-step recipe for making a New Year's cake:
Break five chicken eggs into a large bowl, add a pinch of salt and beat with a mixer. Add sugar to the eggs in parts and beat with a mixer into a lush, homogeneous mass. Sift into a bowl through a sieve of 150 g. flour and 30 gr. cocoa powder twice. We spread in the egg-sugar mixture in parts of cocoa with flour and gently, while maintaining airiness, mix.
We spread the dough into a cake mold, on the bottom of which the parchment and sides are greased with butter. The dough should stand to disperse for 15-20 minutes.
We turn on the oven 170 degrees, not more, set the form with the dough for 40 minutes to bake our biscuit. Turning off the oven, with the door ajar, let our biscuit stand for another 10 minutes.
We prepare prunes for our cake, cutting it into pieces. We spread it in a suitable container and cover it with cognac, cover it with a lid.
We take the biscuit from the oven, cool to room temperature, turn it over, cover with cellophane and cover with a plate for three hours. We divide the finished biscuit into three identical cakes.
Drain the prunes through a sieve.
We begin to prepare New Year's holiday cream of whipped cream with condensed milk. Beat cold cream with a mixer. Add the boiled condensed milk to the cream and continue to whip until a dense foam.
We spread a good layer of cream on the first cake and spread it well with a spatula. We spread the prunes on the cream. Fried walnut break into not very small parts. Add the nut to the prunes. We spread the cake with the second layer and, like the first, we coat it and decorate. Cover with the last cake and put it in a cool place.
Cooking creamy chocolate ganache. Beat with a mixer chocolate and butter. Apply ganache to the cake, using a spatula to align the top and sides. Apply a second layer of ganache to the cake and align with a spatula. Roll the mastic, prepared with our own hands, in a thin layer, but not thinner than 3 mm. We wind the mastic on a rolling pin, after which we put it on the cake and glue it while smoothing it with an iron.
We decorate our holiday cake for the New Year's table.
We cook deliciously, cook simply, cook at home a festive New Year’s cake together!