Baked cauliflower with mushrooms and cheese

Baked cauliflower with mushrooms and cheese


  1. cauliflower 1 head
  2. mushrooms 500 gr
  3. sour cream 500 ml
  4. cheese 250 gr
  5. seasoning to taste
  6. salt to taste
  • Main Ingredients: Cabbage, Mushrooms, Cheese, Sour Cream
  • Serving 6 servings


baking dishes, knife, board


1) Wash a cabbage of cauliflower and boil in boiling, salted water for 3-5 minutes, allow to cool and divide into inflorescences. We spread in a greased form.

2) Cut the mushrooms into small pieces and send to the cabbage, add sour cream, salt, pepper, sprinkle with grated cheese and send to the preheated oven for 30-35 minutes. Bon appetit and good mood!