Three-ingredient cake without baking

Three-ingredient cake without baking


  1. shortbread 400-450 gr
  2. cottage cheese 350 gr
  3. boiled condensed milk -300-350 gr to taste
  • Main Ingredients: Curd, Condensed Milk


cake mold, blender, bowl, silicone spatula (spoon)


1. Take 350 gr. cottage cheese, add 300-350 gr. boiled condensed milk and beat the blender into a homogeneous mass.

2. I covered the mold with cling film, stack the cookies, cutting the edges if necessary. Lubricate with cream and lay the next layer, so we lay layers of cookies until it runs out. The cake can be varied with fruits or nuts as desired.

My shape is 21/11 cm in size. You can take a larger shape, then the cake will be lower. The cake needs to be collected exactly in the form, since the cream is leaking.

3. The top layer is not lubricated, covered with cling film and put in the refrigerator for at least 4-5 hours, preferably at night. We leave a little cream to grease the sides and top of the cake.

4. We chop the cookie cutters in a blender to sprinkle the cake.

5. Remove the cake from the mold, remove the cling film, grease with the rest of the cream and sprinkle with chopped cookies. Decorate to your liking. I decorated with walnuts. Soft, fragrant, with a rich caramel-curd cream, light cake melting in your mouth turned out.