Fancy pancakes fritters

Fancy pancakes fritters


  1. Flour 4-4.5 cups (200 g)
  2. Kefir 500 ml
  3. Egg 1 pc.
  4. Salt 1 tsp.
  5. Sugar 0.5 tsp
  6. Soda 0.5 tsp
  7. Sausages 2 pcs.
  8. Sliced ​​olives 10 pcs.
  9. Ketchup 4 tbsp. l
  10. Vegetable oil to taste
  • Main ingredients Eggs, Flour


knife, pan, mixer


Add kefir, sugar, salt and soda to the egg. Mix well.
Gradually introduce the flour, constantly stirring. The dough should turn out like thick sour cream.
Add ketchup and mix well.
Sausages cut into rounds and olives into rings. Add them to the dough and mix.
Leave the dough for 30 minutes until bubbles begin to appear on the surface.
Add vegetable oil to the pan. Heat and spread the dough with a tablespoon. To constantly wet a spoon in water. Take dough only from the edge. Do not mix in any case. Fry on both sides until golden brown.
Ready-made “donuts” can be eaten with both ketchup and sour cream. Enjoy your meal.
How to cook such pancakes, see the video. THANKS.